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Whatever the reason you have for a business valuation, maybe to establish the goodwill value for tax purposes or because you've been approached to sell and you want to see if you've been offered a fair value, we can help.

We have been delivering unbiased, knowledgeable, common sense and specialist valuation advice to clients large and small for over 20 years. We have a proven track record of accurately and efficiently valuing and appraising businesses.

We have helped to sell millions of pounds worth of businesses and have worked all over the UK in nearly all sectors
of industry and commerce. For further information about Lucas & Weston please visit our main businesses for sale

For any extra information, help or advice you can contact us confidentially via e-mail or telephone. We will do all
we can to help you.

I sincerely hope you'll find something of interest within these pages and look forward to helping you realise
your true value soon.

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Howard Weston
Managing Director


Businesses are not just about income.

The greatest potential for making a small fortune comes from the value that is in your business when you come to sell it.

Most businesspeople know this but few maximise the opportunity.

And, most importantly, how you operate your business and prepare it for sale has a huge effect on the kind of money you can get for your business. 


And, most importantly, how you operate your business and prepare it for sale has a huge effect on the kind of money you can get for your business. Which is where our Business Valuation Reports (BVRs) can be of use to you. The BVR arms you with knowledge - knowledge that unlocks the hidden fortune in your business.

A Business Valuation Report
fig. a - Business Valuation Report

Most accountants will give you a rough valuation of your business, but our BVR is different.

A Lucas & Weston BVR takes into account: specific industry standards, competitors, the marketplace as well as comparative and relevant historic deal data. With this thorough approach, your valuation will have credibility in front of a buyer, his professional advisers or HM Revenue and Customs. And in the current economic climate this is more relevant than ever.

In addition, we constantly update one of the country's most comprehensive business value databases. Business values are constantly changing, and, by tracking the market we can be much more accurate about the value of your business.

Comprehensive analysis.
Your BVR combines all the important facts in one easy format. All the relevant aspects of your business are covered including: financial ratio analysis, comparative benchmarking, individual industry sector analysis and competitor analysis right through to an accurate valuation. Let's look at a few of these aspects in more detail:

The financial ratio analysis has up to nine key performance indicators. They show you how your business is performing. And can highlight areas needing attention, before they become serious.

Comparative benchmarking shows you what other similar businesses were worth. This shows where you fit in with marketplace expectations.

We also cover individual industry sector analysis. How is your company positioned in your sector?

Plus we conduct a comparative investment analysis. What are the other opportunities for buyers? How does your business compare to other investments? This is key information because it gets inside your potential buyer's head and starts to look at your business from their view.

Easy to understand.
The BVR is not pages and pages of bland figures. Everything is presented in a way that is easy to digest with charts and easy to understand calculations. Hopefully I have convinced you that this is the most comprehensive and accurate business valuation you can get.

It is a powerful tool, because it gives you a strong negotiating position with any potential buyer. It is difficult for them to argue with.

A Lucas & Weston Business Valuation Report (BVR) can also be used to highlight any problems within your business. Problems you may not even be aware of. You can then focus your attention where necessary before any damage is done. A report can also identify areas which could, if adjusted, make a dramatic impact on your worth. Often it's the simple, easily overlooked things that can make the biggest difference.


In addition to doing valuations we also sell businesses and we find our valuations are accurate to +/- 10%. Also, here is what a small selection of our customers say about our BVRs:

“A very good report; it needed two reads, but I got there! Excellent detailed layout explaining the final valuation statements. The service was friendly and very professional.”
John Capel - Opex Consulting Ltd
“Friendly service, swift response and easy to understand. We were able to structure a retirement package for a key director.”
Darren Fellingham - Denwall Ltd T/as RGS Labels
“Provided a better understanding of our business value in today's market. An easy process and excellent service provided.”
Clara Iacono - Caterfix Ltd
“The main benefit for me is that I have an independent valuation showing a range that encompasses the value
suggested by my accountant and indeed what I believe my business to be worth. The information contained in the document was well presented and useful. I found Howard to be very approachable and I felt as though he knew what I wanted and understood where I was coming from.”
David Hake - BW Refrigerated Couriers Ltd
“A first class service which has helped us to develop our future strategy.”
David Shortland - Proactive PR Ltd
“Provided a most professional Valuation Report in an efficient manner. I would
recommend them highly to my closest friend or colleague.”
Tim Starks - Gworks Ltd
“Many thanks for the work you put in for us, it was invaluable.”
Malcolm Hollingsworth - Optimum Oils Ltd
“Thank you for such an in-depth report. Very useful.”
Jim Webster - Fhios Ltd
“I am very impressed with the level of detail.”
Mike Smith - Universal Smart Cards Ltd
“An easy process to follow and painless. Many thanks.”
Alan Osborn - Two Services Ltd
“Thank you for the report, very conclusive.”
Daniel Bradbury - Winnersh Plant Hire Ltd
“Thank you for your valuation report. I was very impressed with the detail, observations and recommendations.”
Cliff Slade - TTA Ltd
“Thank you so much for all your help and efficiency. We will most certainly be recommending you.”
Alison Pomroy - M&G Installation
“Thanks very much for your help with this, an impressive turnaround.”
Lesley Sharp - ICT CaTS Ltd
“Thank you for your valuation. I am very grateful for your expertise and service. We found your valuation very helpful and would have no hesitation to recommend your company.”
David Wakeman - Sceptre Networking Ltd
“We requested a valuation urgently to progress the sale of our business and it was completed overnight. This was far in excess of what we expected and delivered in a courteous and professional manner.”
David Bowen - Farleigh Consultants Ltd


As a business owner you probably have some idea of what your business is worth. But what is this based on? Can you be sure your hunch would stand up to professional scrutiny? Of the thousands of valuations we have conducted, here are the most common reasons for a BVR:


  • Green Tick
    Buying or selling a business - establish a realistic sale price.
  • Green Tick
    Raise equity - value the business to establish investment equity.
  • Green Tick
    Shareholder, Partnership or Management Buy Out (MBO) - establish a realistic sale price.
  • Green Tick
    Incorporation - establish goodwill for a Sole Trader or Partnership into a Limited Company.
  • Green Tick
    Tax reasons - minimise tax and for tax planning.
  • Green Tick
    Funding or arranging finance - secure financing for the future. Very relevant in today's economy.
  • Green Tick
    Retirement or succession planning - enable a smooth retirement or transition.
  • Green Tick
    Insurance purposes - e.g. Director life insurance or Key Man policies. Cover for the unexpected.
  • Green Tick
    Financial and estate planning - putting affairs in order for your loved ones and minimising tax.
  • Green Tick
    Shareholder/Partner disagreement - independently resolve any disagreements.
  • Green Tick
    Funding or arranging finance - secure financing for the future. Very relevant in today's economy.
  • Green Tick
    Divorce - arrange an amicable settlement, in or before court.
  • Green Tick
    Probate - making sure your wishes are carried out and you loved ones looked after.
  • Green Tick
    Ill health - put your financial affairs in order for your loved ones.
  • Green Tick
    Business planning and strategy - optimise your business and make it more valuable.
  • Green Tick
    Curiosity - perhaps you just want to know how much your business is worth.

But why wait? You can arm yourself with the facts before any of these situations crop up.

why lucas & weston

People often turn to accountants for valuations but accountants specialise in accounts, not business valuations. Which is why a lot of accountants come to us for business valuations. And, it is cheaper for you, if you come to us directly.

Or what about a business broker/agent? The problem here is the hidden agenda - business brokers are typically more interested in getting your business listed on their books. You could end up overvalued so they can get the work. Or undervalued so they can make a quick sale?

With over 40 years experience of valuing and selling businesses, Lucas & Weston Ltd has a proven track record of accuracy and professional delivery. Respected and widely recognised, we have advised the Government via BusinessLink and have written articles for the BBC and other publications. We are regularly invited to give presentations and seminars on the subject.

We have no hidden agenda, your valuation is truly impartial and independent. And while not all our clients might agree with what we say, none can argue with the methodology, precision and bespoke approach.

If you want to talk to us about your BVR please call us 0845 644 0266 or 01225 460777. Alternatively visit where you can read more client testimonials and information about valuations and our other services.


Lucas & Weston BVR Process

All we need is: three years accounts, any management accounts and any budget/forecast information. You will also complete a straight forward questionnaire. Once we have this information we will contact you, confidentially, to confirm your business details. We then produce your BVR which will be available electronically and in a bound hard copy.

For many business owners, these are difficult times. And in difficult times you need to know the facts. Our Business Valuation Reports are the most accurate and comprehensive you will get. They are the gold standard and recognised as such by accountants and the Inland Revenue.

If you have any questions at all about our BVRs please call us on 01225 460777. Alternatively...


If you want us to meet a specific turnaround or deadline, you can order our fast track service at a modest premium.

This places your valuation first in the queue. As soon as we finish the valuation we're working on at the time of your financial commitment, we immediately focus on your valuation. A fast track valuation can be typically completed within 24-48 hours (subject to supply of information).

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